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Only a little while ago, did a patch hit the web for a game called Day of Defeat Source. The patch’s name is ‘Palermo’ and that is also the name of the map players get. Not only does this fix a few technical glitches and bugs, but it adds fifty-freakin’-one achievements, and more community features. Also in the patch comes a post-death freeze cam. And this Ladies and Gents is why Valve is one of the best PC developers. If you guys want to add me to steam you can my steam name is: Indielight. I can only play older 1.6 games since my gaming PC fried. My love goes out to Valve. (Keep up the good games!)

I found this out via Steam and Kotaku


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Capcom announced a while back that were making Megaman 9 as a Wiiware exclusive making the new entry in the form of 8-bit to make it retro. Wii fans were happy and promptly rubbed into Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 owner’s faces, well Kotaku posted that it would be coming the Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network. Those words which brought hope into my cold, gamer heart were empty lies, and Megaman 9 is still a WiiWare exclusives.  In the case of a change I will keep you guys informed. (Xbox Live Arcade still loves you Megaman)

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Diablo 3

June 30, 2008

Okay this is way to large to not post. Blizzard has announced the coming back of their famous RPG series Diablo.  This project has been tight lipped and has been at work for a while now, with gameplay to prove it.  I for one can’t wait for this game, but I will be one of the first to amdit I have not owned a Diablo game, and I will try to get the Diablo Battlechest sometime soon. So Blizz fans let’s here it for Blizzard not turning their back on older game series. And now here is a pretty Blizzard cinematic. I will post more videos in the coming days.

I found this out via Kotaku

I am back after a series of unfortunate events involving fried motherboards, several vacations, naughty situations that I am not proud of between me and someone one else.  But yes I will have updates lots of updates, and I mean lots of updates, Link is still in resignation, but I am hoping to get a  few more writers possibly designated to platforms of their choosing. If you are interested email me at and we will work out the details.  So be on the look out for more news within the coming days.

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Official Resignation

May 8, 2008

It’s been fun but lately neither sourlight or myself have posted anything.  There’s a reason though, currently our lives have been taken up by some turmoil and some good stuff but there’s just not time for me to be interested in gaming right now.  I still play games but I don’t have much motivation to post about them seeing as how I’m always either playing guitar or just doing other stuff.

So I officially resign from Gaming Caddy.  I may post in the future or maybe I’ll get back into gaming, but for now it’s not where my heart is.  I had fun though, and thank you to the people who visit the site.

Right now I am typing this up in a Library since my computer has crashed in a very unexpected way, and I have to wait for it to get fixed up again. Sorry, again and hopefully soon we will be back up until then Link might make some new posts soon.

Battlefield Heroes

April 1, 2008


EA has been creating a lot of buzz with their games recently because they’re starting to become better and better. And now EA is giving a game out to the public for free. It’s name? Battlefield Heroes. A team based TPS set during WWII via web based browser. It seems like there are no hooks or strings attached, and it’s DICE, the actual makers of the Battlefield series, so it’s in great hands. The game shifts away from the realistic and goes for a cartoony approach ala Team Fortress 2. My guess is that so everyone’s PC has a chance of running it. The initial game will only come with two maps since DICE looks at Battlefield servers and only sees two popular maps being played, although they will add more as game players increase (Hopefully). This game is actually decently high on the list of awesome sounding games.

If you want more information hit up Kotaku