Day of Defeat: Source gets Achievements, Map and More!

July 2, 2008

day of defeat banner

Only a little while ago, did a patch hit the web for a game called Day of Defeat Source. The patch’s name is ‘Palermo’ and that is also the name of the map players get. Not only does this fix a few technical glitches and bugs, but it adds fifty-freakin’-one achievements, and more community features. Also in the patch comes a post-death freeze cam. And this Ladies and Gents is why Valve is one of the best PC developers. If you guys want to add me to steam you can my steam name is: Indielight. I can only play older 1.6 games since my gaming PC fried. My love goes out to Valve. (Keep up the good games!)

I found this out via Steam and Kotaku


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