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Capcom announced a while back that were making Megaman 9 as a Wiiware exclusive making the new entry in the form of 8-bit to make it retro. Wii fans were happy and promptly rubbed into Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 owner’s faces, well Kotaku posted that it would be coming the Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network. Those words which brought hope into my cold, gamer heart were empty lies, and Megaman 9 is still a WiiWare exclusives.  In the case of a change I will keep you guys informed. (Xbox Live Arcade still loves you Megaman)

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Today, one can download the Rock Band song – Still Alivefor free, and this is no April Fool’s Joke ladies and gents. This the real deal. So get off your rumps and go get on the Xbox Live Marketplace and download it. Sorry Playstation 3 owners Still alive comes to the Playstation Network Store for free on April 17th.

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Garry’s Mod Review

March 12, 2008

Garry’s Mod makes me giddy like a school girl, mostly because you can do crap like the pic shows, and that means attaching BALLOONS!  It’s amazing, go buy it.  </randomreview>


Team Ninja is another company that is supporting the Nintendo DS with one of the greatest gaming series of all time: Ninja Gaiden. Ninja Gaiden is renowned for it’s ability to make people break controllers because of the bloody black ninjas, and excruciatingly agonizing bosses. And on the DS, Team Ninja is going all in with high quality sound, and excellent graphics which really show the power of the DS, although still not as powerful as PSP. The Game is viewed like a book by tilting your DS to the side. This is another win for DS owners, hope you guys enjoy the game (I want a DS now =( )

Here is a gameplay clip for your viewing pleasure.


Recently, Sony Entertainment and Evolution Studios announced a new PS3 exclusive, Motorstorm 2. —

“The PlayStation 3 racer is indeed moving from arid Monument Valley to a lush Pacific island, an island apparently known for its remote location and 16 “diverse multi-route tracks.” Instead of mud, rocks, dust and the occasional cliff, MotorStorm 2 will feature natural hazards like “tangled undergrowth, swift flowing rivers, choking volcanic clouds and searing lava pools.” Sounds just fantastic. The official release on the matter talks up an Autumn release, arriving with a “host of game modes and rewards.” – Quoted from Kotaku

Hopefully I’ll get a PS3 before this and MGSIV are released.


Recently it was discovered that Army of Two, a hit game from EA (Surprise much?) has region protected multiplayer. So basically that means we Americans can’t frag Europeans or Asians, and likewise they can’t frag us. It hasn’t been confirmed for Playstation Network, but Xbox Live is screwed. I’ll keep you updated as to whether PS3 users can’t frag their European brothers.


Today, Ubisoft released some DLC for their rather recent game Dark Messiah of Might and Magic for the Xbox360. Which includes two new classes(Paladin and a Warlock), more maps and more weapons. For anyone that loves the game, one should buy the DLC pack for only 400 Microsoft points.

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