Red Velvet RROD Cookies

March 11, 2008

Snack Or Die, once again brings us masterly crafted gaming nourishment.  Not like any of us lazy bums will actually make these in between CoD4 matches though.  They’re pretty though! My Great Aunt makes some red velvet cookies, they’re pretty delicious, she puts chocolate chips in them.

“Red velvet cookies with cream cheese frosting adorned with the Xbox 360 red ring.

These red velvet cookies make for the perfect comfort cookie food for that someone who has recently lost a 360.”

Sorry Jocelyn, but I don’t think that they’d comfort you.  If anything they’d make you weep in a corner while staring at Halo 3 box art in your mind….  Until you tasted them, then it might comfort you…..  Anyway hit up the link for the recipe if you do decide to make them, or just look at moar pics.

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Portal Icons Cupcakes

February 27, 2008

Snack Or Die is quickly becoming one of my favorite sites, what with the Moogle cupcakes, Tetris Pop-Tarts, and Cactaur cookies, as well as a bunch of other video game related treats.  Jocelyn has done it again with the Portal icon cupcakes, such as the cake and companion cube.  Check out the recipe and more pics and get to work on making your own.

As if regular cupcakes weren’t awesome enough.

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Top 7 Drinks for Gaming

February 24, 2008

We gamers are substance abusers of caffeine. So we here at game Caddy compiled a list of what we thought were the top seven drinks for gaming.

7. Coca-Cola

The reason this is number 7 is because it’s delicious and great for most times, but gaming isn’t exactly the best application, still a fantastic drink though.

6. Coffee

It’s practically raw caffeine, what else could you ask for?

5. Full Throttle

This is pretty much Coke on coke, well suited for gaming purposes, and general stay-up-all-nightness.

4. Mana

A hardcore energy drink but it’s way too expensive for what you get, otherwise great drink.

3. Mountain Dew

The best “average” soda for gaming, it’s a staple of gaming nourishment.


A beautiful combination of awesome can art, caffeine, and deliciousness, Monster is one of the best gaming drinks around.


The best drink for gaming bar-none. It’s got an awesome name, strangely awesome bottle, loads of caffeine and guarana, and it tastes good. Did I mention the name (teehee).  Also available at