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Only a little while ago, did a patch hit the web for a game called Day of Defeat Source. The patch’s name is ‘Palermo’ and that is also the name of the map players get. Not only does this fix a few technical glitches and bugs, but it adds fifty-freakin’-one achievements, and more community features. Also in the patch comes a post-death freeze cam. And this Ladies and Gents is why Valve is one of the best PC developers. If you guys want to add me to steam you can my steam name is: Indielight. I can only play older 1.6 games since my gaming PC fried. My love goes out to Valve. (Keep up the good games!)

I found this out via Steam and Kotaku


I am back after a series of unfortunate events involving fried motherboards, several vacations, naughty situations that I am not proud of between me and someone one else.  But yes I will have updates lots of updates, and I mean lots of updates, Link is still in resignation, but I am hoping to get a  few more writers possibly designated to platforms of their choosing. If you are interested email me at and we will work out the details.  So be on the look out for more news within the coming days.

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Official Resignation

May 8, 2008

It’s been fun but lately neither sourlight or myself have posted anything.  There’s a reason though, currently our lives have been taken up by some turmoil and some good stuff but there’s just not time for me to be interested in gaming right now.  I still play games but I don’t have much motivation to post about them seeing as how I’m always either playing guitar or just doing other stuff.

So I officially resign from Gaming Caddy.  I may post in the future or maybe I’ll get back into gaming, but for now it’s not where my heart is.  I had fun though, and thank you to the people who visit the site.

Right now I am typing this up in a Library since my computer has crashed in a very unexpected way, and I have to wait for it to get fixed up again. Sorry, again and hopefully soon we will be back up until then Link might make some new posts soon.

Sorry for no new news guys, I was up in new York while this site was down and Link couldn’t make any new posts, but I promise you there is a ton of gaming news to cover so stick around and your about to get a truckload of it.

– Sourlight

Garry’s Mod Review

March 12, 2008

Garry’s Mod makes me giddy like a school girl, mostly because you can do crap like the pic shows, and that means attaching BALLOONS!  It’s amazing, go buy it.  </randomreview>

Red Velvet RROD Cookies

March 11, 2008

Snack Or Die, once again brings us masterly crafted gaming nourishment.  Not like any of us lazy bums will actually make these in between CoD4 matches though.  They’re pretty though! My Great Aunt makes some red velvet cookies, they’re pretty delicious, she puts chocolate chips in them.

“Red velvet cookies with cream cheese frosting adorned with the Xbox 360 red ring.

These red velvet cookies make for the perfect comfort cookie food for that someone who has recently lost a 360.”

Sorry Jocelyn, but I don’t think that they’d comfort you.  If anything they’d make you weep in a corner while staring at Halo 3 box art in your mind….  Until you tasted them, then it might comfort you…..  Anyway hit up the link for the recipe if you do decide to make them, or just look at moar pics.

via Snack or Die