Diablo 3

June 30, 2008

Okay this is way to large to not post. Blizzard has announced the coming back of their famous RPG series Diablo.  This project has been tight lipped and has been at work for a while now, with gameplay to prove it.  I for one can’t wait for this game, but I will be one of the first to amdit I have not owned a Diablo game, and I will try to get the Diablo Battlechest sometime soon. So Blizz fans let’s here it for Blizzard not turning their back on older game series. And now here is a pretty Blizzard cinematic. I will post more videos in the coming days.

I found this out via Kotaku


I am back after a series of unfortunate events involving fried motherboards, several vacations, naughty situations that I am not proud of between me and someone one else.  But yes I will have updates lots of updates, and I mean lots of updates, Link is still in resignation, but I am hoping to get a  few more writers possibly designated to platforms of their choosing. If you are interested email me at gnomerecon@aim.com and we will work out the details.  So be on the look out for more news within the coming days.

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Sorry for no new news guys, I was up in new York while this site was down and Link couldn’t make any new posts, but I promise you there is a ton of gaming news to cover so stick around and your about to get a truckload of it.

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Team Ninja is another company that is supporting the Nintendo DS with one of the greatest gaming series of all time: Ninja Gaiden. Ninja Gaiden is renowned for it’s ability to make people break controllers because of the bloody black ninjas, and excruciatingly agonizing bosses. And on the DS, Team Ninja is going all in with high quality sound, and excellent graphics which really show the power of the DS, although still not as powerful as PSP. The Game is viewed like a book by tilting your DS to the side. This is another win for DS owners, hope you guys enjoy the game (I want a DS now =( )

Here is a gameplay clip for your viewing pleasure.


Recently, Sony Entertainment and Evolution Studios announced a new PS3 exclusive, Motorstorm 2. —

“The PlayStation 3 racer is indeed moving from arid Monument Valley to a lush Pacific island, an island apparently known for its remote location and 16 “diverse multi-route tracks.” Instead of mud, rocks, dust and the occasional cliff, MotorStorm 2 will feature natural hazards like “tangled undergrowth, swift flowing rivers, choking volcanic clouds and searing lava pools.” Sounds just fantastic. The official release on the matter talks up an Autumn release, arriving with a “host of game modes and rewards.” – Quoted from Kotaku

Hopefully I’ll get a PS3 before this and MGSIV are released.


Since the announcement and subsequent release of the iPhone SDK, developers it seems have apparently fallen in love with the iPhone.  Who buys Bejeweled and Zuma though?  Who are these people who keep enabling PopCap to spam the gaming world with mediochre games?  Anyway, a lot of awesome games are heading towards the iPhone so it’s not all bad.  Namco and THQ are in on it and they make some good games so I’m excited to see where that goes..  Woosh on over to Kotaku to get the full story.


“Take-Two Interactive announced today that BioShock 2 was officially in the works, under the development wing of the recently formed 2K Marin. The sequel to the Xbox 360 and PC shooter is planned for a fourth-quarter fiscal 2009 release date. Take-Two’s fiscal year matches the calendar year, so expect it to hit unspecified platforms before the ’09 holidays.

Take-Two also noted that the original BioShock has 2 million unit sales under its belt since its August ’07 release”  – Quoted from Kotaku

So get your Eve syringes ready, we’re going down to Rapture once again.  Maybe this time it’ll have some replay value (sorry guys, it’s true).