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Welcome to Retrospekt Saturdays, a semi-weekly article taking a look back over a game or game series every other Saturday. This week’s game series is one which is valued by Microsoft fanboys, frat boys, and just about everyone else. The Halo (Or is it Marathon?) series.

Halo: Combat Evolved

Halo: Combat Evolved was a gaming diamond, it is regarded as arguably the best console FPS of it’s time. Not only did it have a great single-player campaign, but it brought a LAN Party to a console player in a very accessible way. It featured an expansive multiplayer with many modes.

I recently got to enjoy playing it again for this article, and wandering around alone the multiplayer maps to see how it’s aged. And Halo has aged extremely well, it still feels cutting edge to me. The game isn’t an eye-sore since it has nice colorful graphics, which age well compared to other run of the mill shooters which sport various colors like feces brown and urine yellow. The bright greens, blues, purples, and other mellow colors do well for Halo. The sound-quality is still great, it’s no BioShock, but my ears aren’t bleeding. Controls since I played using the 360 probably felt more natural then using the Duke or the ‘S’ type original X-box controller.

The multiplayer aspects are also very good even when compared to the modern shooters of today.

Halo 2

By the time Halo 2 was launched the Xbox was already a great console with many games, Halo 2 and the new experience of Xbox Live then solidified it as one of the better consoles in gaming history. What was once a “great” multi-player in Halo: CE transformed into arguably the best console multi-player of it’s time, with Matchmaking over Xbox Live it was now easy and fun to simply jump into a game. While this brought loud-mouthed-pre-pubescent boys’ voices into the homes of many, it had it’s highs as well. With grandiose new maps, downloadable content (now free for Halo 2 BTW), and many new quick options, it offered many choices for the perfect multi-player shooter.

While the campaign was a little less than “riveting” it provided a good reason to blast the faces off of ugly little aliens and frighteningly large “Hunters”. However occasionally you got the feeling that the “story” wasn’t really there. I think the now usable energy sword kinda made up for that though.

Halo 3 “Finishing The Fight”

When Halo 3 was revealed at E3 2006 gamers went crazy, everyone was waiting for a new Halo and the third installment in the franchise was looking amazing. With a trailer that didn’t really give anything away, the tagline “Finish The Fight” was created.

With constant updates leading up to the launch, the hype was massive by the time that beautiful day in gaming, September 25th 2007 came around. Gamers were practically twitching with anticipation. Later it was revealed that there would be three different packages to buy Halo 3 in, including the standard the “Heroic” which was a collector’s edition with a metal box and a load of bonus content on a separate disc. However, the true artifact that one could bring home to truly establish one’s manliness/wealth was the “Legendary” edition which had a Master Chief replica helmet, the stand for it doubling as a game holster.

As lines were created and midnight struck on 9/25/07, Halo 3 was unleashed on the world, leaving everyone with one last obstacle to clear before popping in that shiny new disc, getting home.

The latest installment in the series has many new vehicles as well as new weapons including the Gravity Hammer, the Mauler, and various others, as well as two new grenade types and all new maps.

Halo 3 is now respected as one of the most amazing and well-crafted FPS games of all time. More of a story, improved and further balanced multi-player, and even more customization options such as unlockable armor premutations, even more colors and emblems to choose from, make it quite obviously the best game in the series. It even spawned it’s own Xbox 360!

So in Retrospekt the Halo series has come up from the depths of “that new game” to one of the most highly loved games among Xbox owners. Surprisingly, the earlier two games are still quite fun and have aged considerably well which is quite a feat. With downloadable content on the way and currently existing for Halo 3, and Halo CE released on Xbox Live, there’s no reason not to play these games still. And while the annoying voices of little boys and the tired ramblings of frat boys at 3 AM kinda detract from the experience, nothing can take away the magic, beauty, grace, and ecstasy of sticking a n00b in the face.

For information on the upcoming Halo Wars RTS visit THIS LINK. We love you Halo! Game on.

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Lots of gaming love goes out to Bungie and Microsoft for creating such an amazing series.