I am back after a series of unfortunate events involving fried motherboards, several vacations, naughty situations that I am not proud of between me and someone one else.  But yes I will have updates lots of updates, and I mean lots of updates, Link is still in resignation, but I am hoping to get a  few more writers possibly designated to platforms of their choosing. If you are interested email me at gnomerecon@aim.com and we will work out the details.  So be on the look out for more news within the coming days.

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Castle Crashers

February 24, 2008


Castle Crashers is a new hand drawn animated game made by The Behemoth responsible for Alien Hominid HD. Why is this game almost destined for greatness? It’s a 4 person 2-d action adventure game with heavy influence of Golden Axe mixed with Guantlet with a world map similar to Super Mario Brothers 3(I think I might be getting mixed up). The game is exclusively for the Xbox LIVE Arcade for 360. And is due out Early Summer of 08. The Behemoth has had one hit tile, let’s see if they can up the ante.

Castle Crashers, Alien Hominid are copyrighted to The Behemoth. (I love you Behemoth)

N+ Released on XBLA

February 24, 2008

An Xbox Live adaptation of the popular online and downloadable flash game “N” is now available on Xbox Live Arcade.  I personally can’t wait to buy it.  What was once a fantastic game is now made an amazing game with the Xbox 360 controller, new look, new levels, and a level editor.  Try it now.