Project ORIGIN

February 27, 2008

Project ORIGIN is going to be made by original F.E.A.R team known as Monolith. You may remember the above average expansions such as Extraction Point and Perseus Mandate, but these didn’t match the same quality as the original, those titles were made by Day 1 not Monolith. Monolith does not count them as real FEAR story canon, so they’re making their own continuation known as Project ORIGIN. It is set right after th events of the first FEAR, and from the looks of it, takes place in the Auburn district, from the first game. Looks like the first part will have you stuck ina Hospital with ATC guards trying to clean up the place, with clone soldiers and freaky mutants coming next along with the rest of your squad.

Much love to the Monolith guys, since this one will more then likely take the envelope of the FPS genre and push it even further.

Project Origin, and so is Alma is copyrighted to Monolith. (Great Luck guys)


DIY Paper Portal Turret

February 25, 2008

  Now all we need is a DIY paper HL2 crowbar and a DIY paper Portal gun.  Quite possibly the awesomest piece of paper I’ve ever seen.  Too bad I’m not good at folding stuff :(.  A hearty “Job well done” to DeviantArt user billybob884.