Totally unrelated to gaming but this is important.  Some guy had a horribly frightening experience with a simple Bic pen on Amazon, I lol’d.  Absolutely amazing.

“…I stopped, cold and sweating profusely. I looked down at the Bic Crystal black medium ballpoint pen which I held in my hand, only to see darkness. I dashed it against the wall, recoiling in horror…”


DIY Paper Portal Turret

February 25, 2008

  Now all we need is a DIY paper HL2 crowbar and a DIY paper Portal gun.  Quite possibly the awesomest piece of paper I’ve ever seen.  Too bad I’m not good at folding stuff :(.  A hearty “Job well done” to DeviantArt user billybob884.


Mandles, Candles for Men

February 25, 2008

Man I wish these things were real, I would certainly buy Chuck Norris Sweat. Oh well….

via Deadly Computer

UPDATE:  I recently Stumbled upon an actual website for man candles called “Candles for men” so if you seriously wanted to buy some hit up the link.

Yay for Patapon!

February 25, 2008

  Patapon (PSP) comes out this week!  Adorableness will ensue.