Battlefield Heroes

April 1, 2008


EA has been creating a lot of buzz with their games recently because they’re starting to become better and better. And now EA is giving a game out to the public for free. It’s name? Battlefield Heroes. A team based TPS set during WWII via web based browser. It seems like there are no hooks or strings attached, and it’s DICE, the actual makers of the Battlefield series, so it’s in great hands. The game shifts away from the realistic and goes for a cartoony approach ala Team Fortress 2. My guess is that so everyone’s PC has a chance of running it. The initial game will only come with two maps since DICE looks at Battlefield servers and only sees two popular maps being played, although they will add more as game players increase (Hopefully). This game is actually decently high on the list of awesome sounding games.

If you want more information hit up Kotaku


Spore on the iPhone

March 6, 2008

Along with the news of that Apple has released an official SDK, EA has made it official that their first title for the iPhone will be the highly-anticipated life simulator Spore. This is good news for anyone who has an iPhone and doesn’t want to hack to be able to play some games. I’m still waiting for a Flash player outside the Youtube app though.

There are also other games possibly in the works by EA for the iPhone platform. Expect Spore around September of this year.

via Kotaku